The Link Up is a linkage to care strategy for new and previously diagnosed HIV positive young men who have sex with men (YMSM) and young transgender persons 18 - 29. The program provides one on one assistance between staff and individual that helps alleviate the confusion and fear of trying access HIV care services. In addition, the program provides referral assistance into supportive serves such mental health, housing, and food pantry access. We understand that living with HIV can be challenging. We are a supportive ally that will do our best to ensure that all your HIV care needs are met. We work for you.

Illustration of a young man using a laptop.

We Got You

The first step is to connect with LINK UP so we can get the ball rolling. It will be a one on one experience that will provide you with information and guidance on the steps to accessing care.

During that time, staff will help you develop a plan of action that will get you into care and on track with meeting your health goals. Our goal is to get you into the driver’s seat and in control. But, until then, we are a team and together we will do this.

For more information, call: 323-795-5997


An important tool in living a healthy lifestyle is the practice of self-care. As a person living with HIV it is necessary that you take time to check in with self and breathe.

The LINK UP has created a virtual space where you can view videos and obtain guidance on how to boost your mental, physical, and spiritual health. As you get into the driver’s seat, we encourage you to utilize these tools.

Illustration of a trans person using a smart phone.

The Village

We believe in the importance of community. Join our weekly discussions that allow persons living with HIV a safe space to share, express, listen, and be heard. Within this space you will have an opportunity to exist in your truth without barriers. It may be difficult at first. But, over time you may find the strength to use your voice to help others come to terms with a new diagnosis. Note: We have two separate support groups:

• One, specifically for HIV positive young gay and bisexual men of color ages 18 - 29.

• One, specifically for HIV positive young transgender persons of color ages 18 - 29.

If you are interested in joining the village, do not hesitate to reach out.

For more information, call: 323-795-5997