Welcome to The Plug! Check us out every Wednesday at 3pm for “The Plug of Drugs”. This is a weekly discussion on Facebook Live that educates and informs young men of color about substance use/abuse and sexual health.

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Proyecto Impacto

Also known as MenTe, Proyecto Impacto works with young Latino gay and bisexual men ages 18-29. The program is a group level intervention that aims to provide a safe space for participants to open-up and discuss sexual health, HIV prevention, substance abuse, and other issues affecting their lives.

Through groups sessions, outings, and program activities, a support network will be established that helps with self-awareness, accountability, and skills development that will assist participants in making healthy decisions.

If you would like to join, or just learn more about the program, please reach out. We would love to have you.

For more information, call: 323-329-9909 or email:

Project Impact

Are you a young Latino gay or bisexual man between 18-29? If so, check out Project Impact and learn how it can help better your knowledge of sexual health and substance use/abuse. The one on one sessions are designed to help you create a plan that can assist in reducing risk for HIV infection and/or reduce risk for harm related to substance use/abuse.

Staff will listen, guide, and give participants an opportunity to express concerns about their life. If you would like to take part, or desire more information, please reach out and connect with us.

For more information, call: 323-329-9716 or email:

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Party Wise

If you are struggling with the use of meth and you are not ready to access treatment, this is a program that can potentially benefit you.

Party Wise is a program intended to reach those at the highest risk for contracting or transmitting HIV. It was initially designed to provide risk and harm reduction strategies for gay men who are actively using crystal Meth but has evolved to include the transgender community.

Party Wise provides harm reduction workshops, one on one health navigation sessions and community events. The goal is to encourage active meth users to adopt safer sex practices and incorporate risk-reducing behaviors with their drug use. These additions can help decrease the possible rate of new HIV infection.

If you are interested in what we offer, please reach out and connect.

For more information, call: 323-736-2008 or email: